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Ivan Lazzarini

Ivan Lazzarini Italian Champion for the Eighth Time

Ivan Lazzarini ITA (HM Honda Racing) Italian Supermoto Champion 2011, and Thomas Chareyre FRA (TM Factory Racing) International Italian Supermoto Champion 2011.

Thomas Chareyre Grand Prix Winner of Sicily

The crowd and workers watched the intriguing races with bated breath as there were many unexpected crashes.
FIM Supermoto

UEM and World Supermoto Championship

2011 FIM SuperMoto World Championship and UEM European Championship, Grand Prix of Sicily August 28th 2011.
Anthony Ford-Dunn

Brite på Pallen i Spanien

Anthony Ford-Dunn 2rd in Villena Supermoto Spain
Mettet Superbiker 2011

World’s Biggest Supermoto Race 2011

25th anniversary of Superbiker Mettet - 2011

Thailand Championship 3rd round 2011

Thai motorbike racer Varitthorn Siripraphatmongkhon won the third round of this year’s D-Tracker One Make Race of the FMSCT Osaki Supermoto Thailand Championship