A Mind-freaking Example Of Supermoto Racing

Superbiker Mettet 2012-Andreas Mikkelsen Video

Update: 03-11-2012.

A lot of people riding motorcycles, have asked Supermotard.dk via email: What is the RED ADJUSTMENT WHEEL

Here is some information!

Remote Brake Adjuster

  • Adjust your brakes on the fly with TWM’s remote adjuster and never experience brake fade again!
  • TWM Remote Adjuster for Brembo RCS,  16×16, 16×18, 19×16, 19×18, 19×20, and TWM Brake levers.
  • This kit includes 1 left hand clamp with colored adjuster, 1 cable, mc colored connector.
  • The left clamp has an adjustable head, that can be fixed when you have found the right position.
  • The wire is a steel wire inside a 75cm long plastic hose.
  • SImple to connect: just remove the stock adjuster and affix the TWM remote adjuster to master cylinder.

BUY:  TWM Remote Brake Adjuster

Superbiker Mettet Racing Video.

Danish Supermotard Riders flocked Belgium in October 2012

Andreas & Jonas Mikkelsen filled the Van’ with Supermoto bikes from: “Fyn in Denmark“, and travelled to Superbiker in Belgium.

400 riders competed in: Starbikers – Supermoto – Quad

Video from Superbiker 2012 at Mettet in Belgium.


Watch in HD 720p

Several other Danes did the same!

Suddenly Camp Denmark at Superbiker 2012 was established!

#22 DALSGAARD Anders DK Honda 450-  22 Racing

#42 MIKKELSEN Jonas DK Honda 450 J.Ø – Racing

#71 JENSEN Brian DK TM 450 Danish Dynamite

#76 HORNE Mikkel DK TM 450

#140 CAPRANI Mikkel DK Honda 449 2Cap Racing

#160 BLACH Allan DK Honda 450

#212 KRISTIANSEN Jonas DK KTM 450 Team NB Racing

#213 RASMUS Nielsen DK Husqvarna 449 Team Midtjysk Mc

#243 MIKKELSEN Andreas DK Husqvarna 530

#266 HANSEN Thomas Bering DK Husqvarna 530 PN Racing

#303 T ANDERSEN Niels DK Aprilia 450 PN Racing


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